Promotion of pottery teaching in schools in Iceland
Can pottery teaching be integrated with other subjects?

My objective in Promoting Ceramics art in Iceland, is to draw attention, and find ways to educate my compatriots about the importance of knowledge of ceramics art and what it is important in pedagogical terms for students. 
My research consisted of examining the status of ceramics arts teaching in schools, whether it is taught and what kind of education visual arts teachers have, how the accommodation is for visual arts, teachers and students and if schools were equipped for teaching ceramic art and what curriculum teachers were most willing to use.
A qualitative study was made, with open-ended and closed-ended questions, interviews with visual art teachers and ceramic artists. Surveys were sent out electronically to seven primary schools and six colleges, in rural area. I also visited a college that offers ceramic as an elective subject and a ceramics workshop that offers ceramics teaching. I went to the Reykjavik School of Visual Art and studied ceramic teaching for children and teenagers.
The purpose was to get extensive view of how ceramics teaching takes place in various schools and to realize how the ceramic teaching is in the rural area. I did gather information on the importance of teaching ceramics for artistic, academic, and cultural purposes. To support my objective, I studied pedagogical topics along with the theories of scholars and philosophers such as John Dewey, Rudolf Steiner, and Jerome S. Burner.
The results of the survey revealed that the accommodation for ceramic teaching is very different and in general not well equipped. Ceramic teaching is based on basic knowledge of pottery, but less on theoretical, artistic, and cultural knowledge.
Teachers in visual arts generally want to increase and have more opportunities to teach the art of ceramic, they want to have more visual art lesson on the timetable and would have more support to ceramic curriculum for visual arts.
Hrönn Waltersdóttir
galleris [at]
Instructor: Sigurlína Margrét Osuala