You have to login to the printers to Print, Scan or Copy.


This system offers the opportunity of sending documents to the print server and then releasing it from any printer in any of the buildings.
If you are printing from one of the school computers make sure you are logged in as YOU - (your user not Guest, Nemi or Samtal)
You can send documents through print queue on your computer, upload it on a website or send it through email.

First you have to login to this website and Generate PIN (

Once you have Logged in with your MySchool credentials (student18 - Pa55word) click on Generate PIN and memorize it (and/or put a reminder on your Phone or take a photo) You should also get an email with your PIN. You can connect your student card to the print server by swiping your student card (or any e-card) on the scanner on the printer and login with your MySchool username and password. After that you can use either PIN or card to authenticate to the printers.

When you have sent something to the print queue it waits there for 24 hours or until you login to a printer and choose what to print.

Students get a set quota each semester. To buy extra quota you go to the office in any of the school buildings and buy a voucher for the amount you want and then go to to refill your account.

To be able to print from your computer you follow the instructions below and then print one document you save with your MySchool username. You do not have to release this document it is for us to connect the user on your computer to your account.

Install a printer on Mac: (needs to be done on campus)

  1. Get the Printer driver
    Driver for printer
  2. Install the driver on your computer.
  3. In System Preferences/Printers & Scanners click +
  4. Choose IP and use the IP number
  5. Use Protocol LPD
  6. Write secure in Queue
  7. Name the printer "Print Plus" in Name
  8. Click on Use and Select Software
  9. Click the search bar and write 308
  10. Choose the driver you just installed
  11. OK
  12. Add
  13. OK

Now print a document you have saved with your MySchool username. (only once from your computer, no need if printing from school computers, uploading or emailing)

You do not have to release this document. It is simply for us to connect the user on your computer with your print quota.

Install printer on Windows: (needs to be done on campus)

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. InSearch programs and files (or Run) write \\
  3. Hit enter Choose Prent+ then authenticate with lhi email address and password
  4. The print queue will be installed on your computer.

The best way to print is directly from your computer. If that is not working you have the other options to fall back on.

You can login to this website to upload files to print. (

You can send files as attachments to prent [at] from your LHÍ mail. (gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other will not work)


If you have any Questions or need assistance, please email help [at]