Hillevi Cecilia Högström

“In 1991 the Municipality of Jönköping decided to turn the Strömsberg forest into a nature reserve comprising 600 acres, 350 acres of which consisted of forest. The aim was to protect natural phenomena of great local significance. The reserve is managed by the Municipality of Jönköping.”

On the night between the 4th and 5th of July 2001 there was a 25 000 litre spillage of sodium hydroxide (32%) by Arla Foods AB in Jönköping. Due to a handling fault in the dairy factory the sodium hydroxide leaked into the nearby Strömsberg brook. In a matter of hours all animal life incapable of fleeing upstream perished.

The county administrative board did not possess any detailed information about the animal and plant life before the accident. The Strömsberg brook is too small to be monitored as a water source. It was however known that there was American Brook Trout in the stream and the pond. The brook trout is an introduced species which has a low priority in regard to nationwide conservation. Two other species of fish have been registered in the pond. However, the pond has not been subjected to a species inventory. There is therefore no data confirming occurrence of any rare or threatened species.


Monday 26th of March 2018, 09:51
Conversation on how to catch brook trout with Anders Högström

There were two methods we used to catch them. Either you used a hook and line, or, the other way, was using a bucket or a dip net. The technique is to walk along the creek upstream and keep an eye about 5-7 meters ahead. Then you can see when the fish hides, or rather it looks more like a grey line disappearing. You place the container downstream of the hiding spot, then the other person pokes around with a stick where the fish is hiding. It flees downstream like a jävla streck. If you have a bucket, you yank it up when there is a thump. With a net you have to try and see when it swims inside. It goes very fast.

It’s so cold today so we might not find any worms. So we’ll have to find some kind of improvised dip net.
- No, we have a net.
Do we have a net, where?
In the boat, I think.
Is it a crab net?
No, it’s the big one, the blue one.
But how big are the holes, small or big?
- Tiny.
Ah, that works, does it also have a flat end?
That’s exactly what we need.