Hildur Ása Henrysdóttir 
hildurhenrysdottir [at] gmail.com 

In a state of overwhelming egocentrism I look at the world from inside the eye sockets of my meatbag. I wonder in what way I and the meatbag interact with the world around us. I am also thoroughly obsessed with the meatbag itself and its relationship with myself. The conclusion of my contemplations regarding this relationship between the meatbag and myself is that it is not possible to differentiate the world from the meatbag nor myself, striving to understand the whole. 

I am both the painter and the subject. I am in control of the representation and the means of narration. My works oscillate between self-reflection and self-criticism that is often displayed in melancholic, but also humorous ways. 

I own myself! 2015, 
Oil on canvas. 160 x 200 cm.