How beginners can learn to play the ukulele and keyboard




Hljómleikur is a book that teaches beginners how to play the ukulele and keyboard and is part of the author's final project at LHI in the spring of 2020.
The idea behind the book is to encourage singing and is geared toward middle school or pre-school music schools. The songs should be sung while also playing the chords given to the lyrics.
The research part of the essay contains a description of the preparation process for the book, which was executed in parallel with the author's research.
A preliminary study on whether there was a need for the book was perforemd, the opinion of several teachers was sought, and four teachers used a drafted version of the textbook in teaching to some degree.
There are no notes taught in the book, only texts, and chords are given to the texts in hope that general teachers can use the book for teaching.
The book is Icelandic, with texts to familiar Icelandic songs that most people know them well so that those who use it can focus on the instruments and playing them. The essay explores Alison Daubney's ideas about whether a particular high-culture definition of music in Western societies defrays general teachers from teaching music the same way they teach other subjects without having expertise in the topic.
Some academic research related to the state of music education in Iceland is discussed, especially concerning the publication of study material in music throughout the years.
From the year 1974 to the end of the 20th century, there was little renewal of teaching material for music education, especially at the middle school level.


Helga Þórdís Guðmundsdóttir
tonleikur [at] simnet.is
Advisor: Kristín Valsdóttir