Bókin (e. The Book)

Creative approach in music teaching 

Creative approach in musical teaching refers to the teaching of improvisation, composition and playing by ear.
My project is an action research and it revolves around teaching material I developed for teaching these creative elements in music teaching.
The material got the name Bókin (e. The Book) in honour of „Fake books“ that are popular in Jazz culture.
Bókin is written for students at the beginning of their musical education and until grunnpróf (e. First coordinated examination of the Icelandic music school system).
It is written for students learning the clarinet but can easily be used by students learning other instruments and will hopefully be useful for teachers and students in their creative music making.


Helga Björg Arnardóttir
helga.b.arnardottir [at] gmail.com
Leiðbeinendur: Elín Anna Ísaksdóttir og Kristín Valsdóttir