Cords. Cords that connect, cords that tangle, edible cords, cords that you can put all your weight on. Firm cords, soft cords, liquorice cords and flesh cords. Cords that melt in your mouth and cords that taste like chlorine. Cords that wrap around cord-like limbs, cords that wear rings, cords that call for Appelsín. Dry cords, wet cords, waterproof cords. Cords that you can thread through eyelets and belly buttons. Cords that wind, tattered cords and limp cords. Cords that want Nikes. Digital cords, two-dimensional cords, painted cords. 
Wireless cords.
My work expresses painting in the time of wirelessness and digital imagery. The subjects are mundane and paired together based on their visual and subjective connections. They do not belong to an environment or cast shadows as they are placed on flat, dimensionless backgrounds. They are both personal and public. By pairing them together they form new connections between them, new threads. Cords.