Harpa Másdóttir

The Wooden Sphere consists of different shape and types of wood. The sphere may be solid, or it may be hollow although one can not tell from looking at it. Let’s assume that it is hollow, but a hollow sphere symbolizes vitality as it is defined by Bergson. The perfect shape, the hollow sphere, reminds us of the internal flow of life-force inside of us, which propels us forward. The sphere is hollow because we cannot foresee the future, yet we are ready to take on what comes our way, experiences and stimulation from the outside world. The outer surface indicates that the sphere could be solid like a collection of memories that have manifested in physical form. The solid sphere is a symbol of the endless becoming of consciousness, internal flow of self-creation that attempt to recall memories, feelings and senses.

The artwork consists of many pieces of wood – fractions of memories – that I have arranged in a particular way. It is not a copy of the past but a deconstruction of the past, of past events and attempts to understand their meaning. Other stories  connect to my own story in an unforeseen way. The veins of the wood reach each other in a twisted manner, jammed together in an attempt to make sense of the chaos. The veins serve the purpose of transporting meaning between the different parts. In the deconstruction, when the wooden parts are reassembled, hollow pockets are inevitably created. Furthermore single wooden pieces also contain holes or craters s in them. The sculpture ,a “solid” wooden sphere, is a symbol of endless becoming. The deconstruction is in a continual state of flux, in step with the self which is looking for a meaningful existence.