We are situated in the intestines of the earth. I borrow the material, we have a conversation for nine days and after that I return it back to it’s home.
When the material touches skin something happens. The material absorbs the grease from the skin and it’s imprints. It deploys itself on the skin and dries it up. The creation lies in the moment, what just took place, now. It will never return, but still, it happens again; now, but slightly different this time.
Clay is a material from the earth and when it is bought ready for use, wrapped in plastic, the earth connection is lost. By collecting it from the Icelandic countryside, the connection to nature is regained. This piece is a reflection on the relationship between clay and human beings. Water is important in this context, both for humans and for the clay as a material from the earth. The clay’s natural cycle that constantly receives and forms through stimulus, weather and wind, it hardens and softens according to the humidity level in the environment. The field of action is the floor of the exhibition space so the viewers can meet the action from all sides and perspectives.
The end result of the action is not the focus point. The performance is the middle, the material and I wander around it, the viewer there beyond.