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Drawing with light


In this project the exploration of integration of subjects in grammar school is conducted.
In the essay part of the project, the study of integration between fine arts studies and craft studies and how both those subjects can be linked with more traditional subjects like for example math.
Integration of subjects may also suit students that don‘t respond well to lectures but rather through kinesthetic learning or other non traditional methods.
In addition we take a look at how having a growth mindset can help students confidence when it comes to advanced drawing. Also how to adjust assessment in arts and crafts to best help students interest in creative learning and to take responsibility for their own education.


The second part of the project is the course, Drawing with light, wherein drawing and photograpy were integrated.
Linked through light and shadow. In the course elective art class students in the 9th grade of Grammar School learned ways to understand realistic drawing through practicing photography techniques.
The course was successful in helping students show remarkable progress in understanding how light and shadow do not just make photographs but drawings too.




Haraldur Jónasson
haradlur [at]
Advisor: Hanna Margrét Einarsdóttir