Hanne Korsnes

There is a vast space within us. It can be difficult at times to communicate all thoughts in their complexity without turning to simplifications. Especially when our inner world and the world around us struggle to find a common ground. I believe it is fundamental for art to be implemented in daily life and consequently I am ambiguous to the task of working with the white walls of a gallery. For this reason wall paintings and murals in public places fascinate me. I imagine that they are grounded, if only for a limited time, in places where you feel a sense of ownership and accessibility and thus they are brought to life through belonging.

I often find myself returning to paintings from the child’s point of view: as a condition for daydreaming and a window for the imagination to jump from branch to branch. I have made a wall painting that is out of place. The construction holds it together and lets the painting temporarily assume its complete form, yet it serves as a reminder of its detachment from any final resting place. Fragments of thoughts are so easily connected during excursions in daydreams and in the flow of painting they come together in ways that cannot be found in words.

Light and shadows represent something mystical and poetic, serving as metaphors or as something to purely experience. As I chased the restless shadows on the surface of the painting, the birches of Klambratún were my guides.