A window into the experiences of others
- a personal pictorial narrative as a starting point for conversation

The starting point of this arts-based research project is a book I wrote titled "Did I notice it then, or did I notice it afterwards?"
It is an interplay of written word and drawings about my experience of psychosis. In this research, I will share my personal story and inquire into the possibilities of it helping others and functioning as a starting point for conversation.
To get closer to the idea of how "Did I notice it then, or did I notice it afterwards?" will be able to help others I got seven individuals to read the book and then have a conversation with me. Those conversations are the building blocks of the findings.
When processing the source material, my emphasis was on the narrative. I tried my best to make the reader able to connect and engage with the story being told.


The manifestation of psychosis is not straightforward. It can be seen from a variety of perspectives, whether or not it appears to us as a private experience while it is happening or afterwards as memories.
Psychosis is not some single thing, and it is essential to understand that its countenance will not be restricted to one side. If we give others insight into our experience, we can make the topic less invisible.
Image: Ólöf Kristín Helgadóttir
Halla Birgisdóttir
hallahallahalla [at] lhi.is
Instructor: Ingimar Ólafsson Waage