Gylfi Freeland Sigurðsson 
gylfii [at] 

In the process of making art I feel like I’m a street sweeper at a waste management company. I go out to the parking lot and start sweeping, stretch my limbs, and then continue sweeping the street, moving farther and farther away, ‘til I come to a stop a great distance from the starting point. I collect all the dust in a dustpan and throw it in a trash bin.. and the broom goes there as well. 

Nonsense is beautiful and pointlessness is nice. 

It’s always better to do something instead of nothing. 

A normal thing, normal conversation or a normal day is like poison in my veins. 

Then it’s probably better to stay at home and try to forget about yourself, or make an ommelette and throw it out the kitchen window. 



Feeling fine, 2015 
Vinyl embossed sweaters , limited edition 

Smáspor 2016 
Pace  2016