Guðrún Sigurðardóttir
gudrusig [at]

The concept of nature refers to plants and human communication. Nature is everything. Both touched and uninterrupted by creatures of the world. The human being is one of the world’s creatures. Everything is interconnected in a continuous cycle dependent on delicate balance. The process is very important for the development of my projects. They develop in cycle of experiments and reflections on nature. Units and systems are made to form a complex whole, which refers to a world of any kind.

Moss is fundamental to nature. Nature benefits from it’s ability to attach to rough and infertile lava. The moss breaths. It is the lungs of the earth. Like the cells of human lungs, the cells of the moss never rest. Together they form a fundamental system, a cycle of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Delicate and strong they constantly support life. The cells of the moss take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The cells of the human lungs absorb oxygen and transfer into the blood circulatory system in exchanges for carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is then released to the atmosphere. Unnoticed, day by day. Specialization and cooperation are needed. Each cell has a role. Each cell is one unit. In a society of similar and different cells they accomplish tasks.  Different roles, different systems. Effortless breath and invisible photosynthesis, a balanced condition dependent on specialization and cooperation.