The Circles of Seltjarnarnes: To connect with local environment through art and play.


This master's thesis describes the development of a curriculum that I worked on with a third-grade class at Seltjarnarnes Primary School. The curriculum is based on a game called Neshringir (the circles of Seltjarnarnes) involving tasks and small projects based on local learning where the emphasis is on play and art methods.
The aim of the game is to better connect primary school children to their immediate environment, to promote love of nature while at the same time seeking to strengthen values that encourage nature conservation.
The thesis begins with a short treatise on how the international debate on environmental and educational issues has influenced the development of the current National Curriculum Guide. Next, I discuss the theories in teaching and psychology that constitute the basis of Neshringir, such as theories about local learning, education for sustainability, the use of games in learning, and teaching using art methods.
The second part of the thesis is a report and diary about the teaching and implementation of four different tasks of the game. The students' reflection at the end of the projects shows evidence for development/strengthening of the intended values among the children.
These indicators give good reason for optimism. However, the connection the students develop to their immediate environment and the strengthening of environmental awareness and values related to the protection of nature are long-term goals that both home and school need to achieve.
My conclusion is that a curriculum like Neshringir, where the projects are aimed at the perception and study of the local environment with playfulness and artistic expressions in a variety of ways, gives good results and can be transferred and used as a model to suit local environments almost anywhere.
Guðrún Jóhannsdóttir

Mynd: Owen Fiene


Guðrún Jóhannsdóttir
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Advisor: Hanna Margrét Einarsdóttir
Útskriftarár: 2022