Leitin að regnboganum

Ferlið við sköpun sögusviðs, persóna og nýrrar barnatónlistar með áherslu á hreyfiþroska og valdeflingu

This thesis describes the creative process behind the creation of a new children‘s tale and music intended for children.
The setting of the story is called Rainbow Land, where all the colours of the rainbow encounter various adventures in quest of the rainbow. Each colour represents a certain quality or virtue.
The protagonists‘ journey should demonstrate the importance of courage, gratitude, respect and helpfulness.
Rainbow Land‘s music, written by the author of this theses in collaboration with Máni Svavarsson, is intended to grip children‘s attention, strengthen their use of Icelandic, activate their imagination and enhance motor development. The music development, its purpose and song texts, as well as the author‘s collaboration with Máni throughout the creation process will be described in further detail.
This thesis also discusses the importance of publication of Icelandic children‘s programmes that enhance both motor and language development, increase children‘s imagination while being accessible for parents.
There is a strong relationship between music and dance and children who participate in a creative dance environment actively use their imagination and control their bodies in harmony. In addition, the importance of educating children through music and dance is examined in this thesis, particularly Aristotelian Character Education.
Virtues and empowerment are key elements in the Rainbow Land fairytale. David Wood‘s and Christopher Vogler‘s methods in screenwriting for children were considered in the creating process of the storyline and characterisation of the colours in Rainbow Land.
With reference to their methods, the structure of the story as well as how emphasis on solidarity, empowerment and virtues intertwine with the music. After all, the characters’ journey in the quest for the rainbow consists of the interaction of music with the storyline.
Finally, the future potential of the Rainbow Land story is discussed and how the author has envisioned sharing what the fairy tale has to offer with the world. Also, the author’s goal is to raise awareness about creation being a vital part of children’s education.
Guðný Ósk Karlsdóttir
gudnyoskkarls [at] gmail.com    
Advisor: Vigdís Lebas Gunnarsdóttir    
Department of Arts Education