Guðjóna Björk Þorbjarnardóttir
gudjonabjork [at]

A father asks his daughter from when she is a little girl, “What does the dog say? What colour is this?” The questions grow in scope as she grows older. When travelling they broaden the horizon together: “What bird is this? What mountain is that?” Mountain Embrace is a homage to a father who taught his daughter to observe, ask questions and aim higher. On their last trip – although they both knew what was ahead – the questions were as before: "What mountain is that?" In this project I thread the lines of the mountains my father loved to observe. The mountain Þorbjörn that bears his name, Skeggi that watches over his countryside and Kaldbakshorn the last mountain he turned my eyes towards. The lines of the mountains have been sewn into garments that embrace whomever wears it with warmth.