Illustrating the inquiry that drives my practice, I can say that I am most inspired by what I think I know I do not know.

(We have known-knowns, unknown-knowns, known-unknowns, unknown-unknowns and ?)

Working with concepts such as perception, knowledge and thought, I attempt to retrieve some sense of an “unknowing” through my practice in an effort to gain understanding. I try to get closer through my writing and create formulas or recipes that evolve within a dialogue of various materials and their setting. Be it drawings, objects, paintings or video and sound installations, any medium that fits will do.  

As I am guided by my imagination, I have come to use various methods that I can not always  explain. Having playfully tried to identify a methodology to adhere to, unable to define it, I think therein lies some value.

In all my efforts to better understand the sense of my unknowing (regarding a word, a concept or a feeling), it is to be able to assign meaning to it, to be able to remember, revisit and comment on that meaning.  Even though I am never really sure where, or how that sense was originally brought to my attention, I believe it to have been by a valid perception in the maze of my experiences. Having lingered in my awareness as an unresolved thought, an emotion, confusion or as an ineffable understanding, curiosity usually gets the better of me.

To me, any experience is subjective to the individual and despite all our efforts to convey it fully to others, it is truly an impossible feat. Communicating to each other by means of mediating that which we have agreed on being suitable for our thoughts and understandings; we use words and various representations. Beyond them, we can juxtapose and align all things understood to evoke thought. I view artists as poets of experience in such play.

As I have far too many times ignored or confused such efforts with the irrational - now, if asked to follow my head or my heart (metaphorically), I try to follow my heart. As a reminder that there is a rationale within my heart, I must attune my senses to it - for my rational head is useless without a heart to listen to.