On Sunday, April 29th at 5pm, the vocal collective Voces Thules, together with students of medieval music course at the music department of the Iceland University of the Arts give a concert at Norðurljós, Harpa.

The programme consists of songs from Icelandic and British manuscripts, e.g. Sumer is icumen in, Icelandic medieval quint-songs with Latin lyrics, polyphonic psalms from15th century Icelandic manuscripts, movements from Missa papae Marcelli by Palestrina, madrigals and more.

The concert is dedicated to the memory of opera singer and carpenter Halldór Vilhelmsson who would have turned 80 years old on April 24th 2018. Halldór influenced Voces Thules in many ways, e.g. in their choice of performing and publishing Office of St. Thorlak (Þorlákstíðir), their biggest and most ambitious project to this date. 

This is the ninth time the IUA in collaboration with Voces Thules offers students of the music department a course in medieval music where students get the experience of working with professional musicians.