“You aren’t the one interpreting me, I’ll show you the way to understand me. I take the responsibility to draw the image that the world will have of myself.” - Chiara Bersani 

On Thursday November 17th the Department of Performing Arts at IUA in collaboration with Reykjavík Dance Festival will host a symposium with the award-winning Italian artist Chiara Bersani. Bersani will talk about her research and methods as an author and performer that revolve around the idea of the "Political Body". The symposium takes place in the Black Box Theater at IUA in Laugarnesvegur 91 and is open to the public. 

During the week Chiara Bersani will also teach at IUA and perform her work Gentle Unicorn twice at Reykjavík Dance Festival. In the performance, Bersani approaches the figure and iconography of the unicorn from her own physicality. The artist presents a score of simple movement; the unicorn moves through the space while unfolding small gestures that are amplified thanks to its interpretative quality. The creator embodies that fantastic creature that reveals itself to us as terribly human. 

See more about the performance here: http://www.reykjavikdancefestival.com/gentle-unicorn-2022