Stijn Brinkman
Mul­ti-space : in­stall­a­tion and per­form­ances
22.01.23 // Harpa - Flói

Ongoing installation // 

Performances //




We are never in one space. Every space is the product of multiple spaces overlapping at the same time. Every space contains multiple spatial layers within itself and is part of multiple spatial layers, all with different boundaries. Multi-space is an exploration to test, subvert and re-experience these overlapping boundaries of performance space.

By navigating through a sea of mirrors, audiences are invited to move around and create the boundaries of performance space themselves. Just like the boats and animals in Harpa’s surrounding seas, Multi-space navigates through known and unknown places.

Violinist Stijn Brinkman (The Netherlands) joins this navigation journey in three performances.

Performer, sound design, curator // Stijn Brinkman
Camera // Skjáskot
Thanks to // Listaháskóli Íslands, Gamla Bíó, Góði Hirðirinn, Angela Rawlings, Bergþóra Ægisdóttir, Simon Schultz, many mirror owners.