Ragnheiður Guðmundsdóttir will open the exhibition The Fusion of an Organic Chain in MA project space in the back of Hulduland at the Department of Fine Art, Laugarnesvegur 91 on March 16th at 4pm. This is the sixth exhibition in the Spark Plugs series by first year students at the MA programme in Fine Art.

The Human body is covered with skin. Then he covers his skin with clothes for beauty and protection and makes a home to be his armoured skin from the outer world. The Clothes I put forward in the exhibition The Fusion of an Organic Chain are coloured with the materials I feed on in my daily life. The substances I eat will merge to my body and become my own skin. The skin is our biggest organ and perceives the world in a unique and complicated way. This is what has been one of my leading light in my artwork whereas to look at how the world is inter woven and objects and phenomenon are affecting one another. I wonder about the circulation of nature; destruction and creation end the eternal transformation that takes place. The audience steps into a world of material fusion that surrounds him in the space.

Spark Plugs is a series of duo exhibitions by MA 1st year students in Fine Art for spring semester 2017. The shows are realized in different ways but are all a kind of spark plugs and an elaboration of ideas and processes of students to date.

Ragnheiður graduated with BA from the Iceland University of the Arts in the year 2000 and has former studies for 3 years in fields of Naturopathy.  Man, nature and perception of the world has been one of her interest for many years and how everything in the organic chain is connected.  Ragnheiður has taken part in several group exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. 

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