María Lind Baldursdóttir will open a solo exhibition in Naflanum at the Department of Fine Art, Laugarnesvegur 91 on November 22nd at 5pm. The exhibition is a part of a series of solo shows by 3rd year students in Fine Art.

We live in an age where the man tends to see himself as the center of existence. Where human needs are placed beyond the welfare of other species and the environment. We are in a world where man has become so anthropocentric that we see nature as having only on purpose, that is, serving the interest of man. Being anthropocentric. Man has become a deviation from the cycle of nature. So the question arises as to whether man has ceased to be natural.

In nature, there is a constant cycle of biochemicals and energy.

When a tree falls to the ground, only half its life is over and the latter part of the tree then supports hundreds of different organisms before returning to the soil and starts all over again.

The most recent definition of the geological period, the Anthropocene or the human age, where the effects of man’s actions on the atmosphere, the earth, water and other natural processes of the earths’ system are now changed by him(human). In our short time on earth, we have added a new geological layer made of technofossils. They are made from our trash like plastic, phones, pens, and furniture. These so-called technofossils are so unnatural that they prevent the tiny microorganisms that break down all the organic material from being able to do their work at their normal speed, and therefore our debris will absorb the earth.

How does this dystopian/utopian world look like where man is no longer and only animals, microbes and things are left?


From October 3rd to November 21st a series of 20 solo shows by 3rd year students in Fine Art will be taking place in Laugarnes.

Each thursday a solo exhibition will be opened at three different locations in Laugarnes: The Cube on 2nd floor, Navel in the middle of the building on first floor and Hulduland on the north side of the building on first floor. Openings are from 17:00 - 19:00 on Thursdays.

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