A solo show by Kimi Tayler will open on Friday February 8th at 4pm - 6pm in Kubburinn, Laugarnesvegur 91. The exhibition is a part of solo exhibitions by graduating students in MA Fine Art Programme at the Iceland University of the Arts.

Why I Hate Bill Withers and Other Sonic Objects:
A time-travel lip-sync silent-disco performance by the Orchestra of Kimis
Kimi Tayler

Object is a slippery term.

Objects are contrary.  

An object can have a practical purpose and functionality; but conversely it can be a functionally-useless emotional vessel, kept purely for its ability to contain memory, meaning and experience. These are the objects that interest me most; and why we personally choose to elevate, place importance and attach to the most ordinary of things.

Objects can be grounding and/or transportive; sometimes both, and sometimes exclusively one or the other. Objects can exist physically, tactilely , or in a much less tangible, sensory way. The slippery ambiguity of the concept of the object is where I currently situate myself within this project.

In this context I am interested in the sonic object, specifically the song. Songs have a capacity to act as an anchor to the place in which we are situated in that given moment, but also they can become a Portkey with the potential to allow for travel through time and navigation of personal history. We build significant relationships and personal-mythology/ folklore around specific tracks. Through memory and the application of meaning these grounding/ transportive interactions with music become markers of time throughout our lives.

My exhibition “Why I hate Bill Withers and other sonic objects:” takes the form of an immersive, participatory sound performance consisting of elements of lip-sync and silent-disco. The audible part of the performance, consists of commentary over recorded pop songs on which I vocalise and undertake all parts and all instruments- becoming The Orchestra of Kimis. This is only accessible through headphones linked to a transmitter, leading to a simultaneous collective experience where participants all share a moment of grounding.  Each participant will also receive an object which I refer to using the personally significant term “Bonting” . My definition of a Bonting is a pocket sized (often meaningful) object which can hold the experience of being in a specific place and time. Working in collaboration with the song, the Bontings will have the potential to contain the experience of taking part in the installation and performance beyond the confines of the gallery space.

Opening hours: 1pm - 5pm Wednesday- Friday
Performance times on the hour 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Kimi Tayler (1986) is a British artist and stand-up comedian. She has a BA (hons) Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire (2008), was selected for the Drawing Intensive program at the Royal Drawing School (2015) and is currently doing her MA at IuoA. The Venn diagram of her practice intersects visual art making, performance art practice and standup comedy. She is particularly interested in interrogating the absurd nugget of space exposed in-between these sometimes disparate, but often and increasingly overlapping elements. Frequently these attempts to inhabit all three areas of research at the same time gesture towards the melancholic, as things become almost… but never quite enough.


With thanks to www.silentdisko.is for collaborative and technical support.