Joe Keys will open a solo exhibition in Kubburinn at the Department of Fine Art, Laugarnesvegur 91 on Thursday 22nd October at 5pm. The exhibition is a part of a series of solo shows by 3rd year BA students in Fine Art.

ATT: In light of the current situation the exhibition will only be available through a live stream online at 17:15 HERE.


Sketches for Potential Solutions

Uncertainty is not a stable position, but it is a position nonetheless

Functionality is subjective

Paper ought to be cut and stacked

If it can close, it should be closed

If it needs to be open it should be open

Tape is a long rectangle, but it should be wrapped in a circle

Elastic should not be stretched too far

If it can be smaller, then it should be

If you measure something, you should know what colour it is

A drawing pin is a suitable shelf

Treat objects as they treat you

Empty if it is not full enough

Fill after emptying

If you must organise, it should be selfless

If you can, remember

From October 1st to November 26th a series of 26 solo shows by 3rd year students in Fine Art will be taking place in Laugarnes.

Each thursday a solo exhibition will be opened at three different locations in Laugarnes: The Cube on 2nd floor, Navel in the middle of the building on first floor and Hulduland on the north side of the building on first floor. Openings are from 17:00 - 18:00 on Thursdays.

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