Adam Flint designer and assistant professor of visual communication will give the lecture „Investigations into the design of politics“ on Wednesday the 18th of January at 12:15 in lecture hall A, Þverholt 11. The lecture is a part of Sneiðmynd lecture series.
Adam is a graphic and exhibition designer originally from California. Over the past decade, he has collaborated on exhibitions with museums and cultural organisations in the United States and in Iceland. His current research interests involve participatory art and design, the history of political graphics and the future of democracy.

Investigations into the design of politics

Leading up to the 2016 U.S. election, I was invited to collaborate on an exhibition about the history of voting at the California Museum. After spending weeks in political archives with historians and curators, and after creating a narrative for the space, I was left profoundly confused by the idiosyncratic nature of this system. How does it actually function? Who designed it? How did it get so complicated? Since that time, I have been reading, writing, and making creative work exploring the influences of design on politics, primarily in the United States.
I will use the occasion of this lecture as an opportunity to introduce myself, my design practice, my research trajectory, and how I am broadening my scope to focus on the design of politics in a more global context.
2000 Palm Beach County, Florida Ballot, AIGA Design Archives and Special Collections