RíT- seminar: Personal Clutter
23.01.23 // 1PM // Fræðastofa 1, Skipholti 31

Centre for Research in Music (CRiM) at the Iceland University of the Arts, in collaboration with Dark Music Days festival, presents a seminar/lecture by the Personal Clutter ensemble. They will talk about their working methods and approach to collaboration.


Personal Clutter is Helen Whitaker, Jenni Hogan, Katherine Tinker and Rosie Middleton. They are a performance group which creates rigorous and playful interpretations of innovative repertoire. Their practice is collaborative, creating performances exploring movement, language and performativity. Their work is situated in and informed by their embodied experience as women, and in their diverse artistic backgrounds (activism, composition, dance, gender theory, opera, psychodynamic theory, virtuosity). They have given critically acclaimed performances of new works by composers across the globe: recent commissions include works by Berglind Maria Tomasdottir, Helgi Ingvarsson, Jenni Hogan, Jessie Marino, and Sara Glojnarić.

Focussing on works by Jenni Hogan, Jessie Marino and Jennifer Walshe, p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l.c.l.u.t.t.e.r will discuss use of choreographed rhythmic movement, language and vocal technique, and how these elements combined lead to dynamic and effective musical performance whilst forgoing traditional instrumentation.