RARE PERCEPTION - Self-portrait

In the exhibition Rare Perception, I attempt to bridge the gap between the visible and invisible, the mystical and real, the physical and intangible, the subjective and impartial. Our senses begin to form in the fetal stage and continue to develop in the process of evolutionary and sensory change throughout our life. Internal and external influences drive this development forward in a seemingly intertwined relation between the body and the soul. Spiritual, occult, alien, inexplicable, scientific, biological, and artificial interventions all play a part in our sensory consciousness. These factors give each person their unique self and individual characteristics of perception that are distinct and cannot be demonstrated or proven. Some visual abnormalities have been biologically defined and are medically measurable, while others are undetectable and unquantifiable. Synesthesia, a rare anomaly of visual perception where one sense is experienced through another, is difficult to identify. In Synesthesia the inscrutable world has neither beginning nor end and is, therefore, endless.

In Rare Perception, I invite the viewer to investigate a pictorial version of my sense-dimensional, indecipherable, and co-perceptive world. Synesthesia is one of the variations of my perception, where senses can cross one another.  There I experience letters visually as colours, feel the taste of sound, and see the electric aura of things. In the exhibition I want to invite the viewer to experience my perceptual sensory environment, with the possibility see part of our visible senses, reflected in the invisible mirror of Synesthesia.  

Jóhanna Margrétardóttir (1973), is currently living and working in Reykjavík at Galleri Rammskakkt. Her medium of choice varies from paintings to mixed media, installations, photographs, and sculpture. Her subjects and ideas rest on the mystery of man and nature's mystical, biological, spiritual, and physical sensory dimension circle. 

 „The areas of interest and influencing factors for my artistic creation lie in exploring how the human relates to, resemblances and imitates nature both consciously and unconsciously, and how a humans relationship with nature and the natural forces is formed. With visual art, I strive to highlight certain elements that I believe create a causal relationship and fusion between the visible and the invisible. I try to capture specific moments and objects in the environment with the lenses of my eyes and cameras.“ 

Opening: March 24th at 4PM - 7PM
Hours: March 25th - April 1st at 11AM - 5PM