On Wednesday May 16th at 7pm you are invited to Ragnhildur Veigarsdóttir's final concert from the music department of Iceland University of the Arts. Ragnhildur graduates with a BA-degree in Creative Music Communication this spring.  The concert will be given at Tjarnarbíó, Tjarnargata. Entrance is free and everybody is welcome.

Ragnhildur has for a long time been interested in the connection of music and visuals and her final project revolves around how it is possible to involve as many as possible in the creation and whether that involvement makes the experience of the arts more interesting for the audience.

In order to exucute this idea Ragnhildur contacted several groups in order to come and listen to the songs Ragnhildur and her band will perform at the band. The different groups used the music as an inspiration and drew and wrote everything that came to mind. Based on these drawings and writings Ragnhildur designed a light exhibition together with Axel Ingi Ólafsson, exhibited at the concert.

The programme of the concert consists of three songs that together make a one whole. 


Voice: Ása Bjartmarz
Violin: Aldís Bergsveinsdóttir
Violin: Agnes Eyja Gunnarsdóttir
Viola: Sigrún Mary McCormick
Cello: Sverrir Arnórsson
Guitar: Árni Freyr Jónsson

Photo credits: Leifur Wilberg