MAarch at the Iceland University of the Arts - introduction, Thursday, February 25th 12-13 PM (GMT) online at Teams

The international Masters programme in Architecture at the Iceland University of the Art is open for application for the first time!
Deadline to submit an application is April 7th 2021.
We welcome you to an online Q&A about the new Master in Architecture programme and about the admission process - bring all your questions!
The meeting will be conducted in English, the head of the department Hildigunnur Sverrisdóttir and project manager Katrín Helena will inform you.
When? February 25th, 12:00 local time (GMT)

Where? On Teams, click here to join
This will be the first time that architecture will be taught on Master‘s level in Iceland, and the first time that local architecture students are given the option of completing their architecture studies in Iceland.

The MArch programme, which is a two-year international programme, will be research-based: Each school year is divided into two semesters, with the fall semester dedicated to communal research around a yearly theme, where students, through different research methods and design processes, gather information and knowledge, question, and experiment together. The spring semester is then dedicated to individual design projects.

Although the master's programme is primarily a scholarly boot-camp for a professional career in the field of architecture, it is simultaneously an ongoing research hub for the field of architecture. As such, each yearly theme contributes to an expanding basis of knowledge and expertise.

We will start with, both relevant and appropriate, at the roots, in the inherent building knowledge of the turf, which has been used locally for over a thousand years. Nevertheless, this will be considered in a larger context. On one hand, it is crucial to ask what tradition can convey and teach us about building and inhabiting the extreme, how we can sustainably apply materials and knowledge, and what can be learned from the culture of inhabiting these circumstances. On the other hand, it is also important to redefine and put materiality into question, expanding from the turf and question what is turf in today's context

More information about the program and electronic application here:


*Event photo by Þorlákur Jón Ingólfsson