This Saturday, the 14th of December, a few students in Graphic Design in LHÍ will come together with more artists and sell posters, zines, comics and a large set of printed merchandise at a small market that will be installed in the open area at Kex Hostel. Give us a visit, get yourself a hot beverage and chat with us while you find something nice for your home or for your Christmas presents. Looking forward to seeing you!
IUA students exhibiting:
Alexander Jean Edvard Le Sage De Fontenay
Arnar Hjartarson
Kirstin Aleksandarsdóttir
Lúkas Björn Bogason
Sigríður Hafdís Hannesdóttir
Sigríður Þóra Flygenring
Sólveig María Sölvadóttir
along with:
Arnar Helgi Garðarsson
Lóa Yona Zoe Fenzy
Steinunn Þorsteinsdóttir