MA Fine Art Graduation Exhibition 
08.05.–30.05.2021 at Nýlistasafnið


Never the End, The IUA’s MA Fine Art Graduation Exhibition of 2021 is open as of Saturday May 8th 2021. The exhibition is open during the opening day between 1-6 pm, and will be open during The Living Art Museum’s regular opening hours until May 30th. Please remember your mask and respect the distance limits.
Every year a unique opportunity to experience the world anew presents itself — through the senses and perspectives of those artists who have just completed a master's degree in art at the Iceland University of the Arts. The graduation show is multi-voiced and sprightly, but never in the same way as the exhibition the year before. Each time new artists tackle the space and the exhibited works create connections, resonate with each other or collide.

This year, the works of Auður Aðalsteinsdóttir, Brian Wyse, Helen Svava Helgadóttir and Romain Causel meet and interact at The Living Art Museum.
The exhibited works borrow threads from their recent solo exhibitions, reflecting on the processes the artists are currently in the midst of, reacurring methods and materials that need further elaboration and still pose questions. As a group, they all follow completely different paths but unite in the urgency, sensitivity, perseverance and care that accompany these unusual times. Speculations about what is valuable, what is special and what is excessive in a trembling world.

A Graduation Exhibition moves with time and the artists' subjects reflect the external world of the moment. This event is never the terminus, but a reflection of a longer process of discovery that continues after graduation and began even before their formal education: Being and becoming an artist.

Curator: Sunna Ástþórsdóttir