Morphing Castaways VIII
Fashion show

Morphing Castaways is a creative recycling project by 2nd year students in BA fashion design at the Iceland University of the Arts in collaboration with Clothing Donation Centre of the Icelandic Red Cross. With knowledge and methodology of design, the students develope ways to up-cycle clothes that for different reasons have fallen out of favour and can not be sold. The focus is on fashion in Iceland in connection with sustainability.

It has become clear that the current ways and systems will destroy us and that change in consumption and recycling will be a bigger part of our lives. This does not mean limiting creativity by any means. On the contrary. We have more use for creativity and knowledge now, than perhaps ever before. Morphing Castaways is conceived in reaction to our findings after looking into the predominant pattern of consumption of textile and clothing in western societies.

The fashion show will be held November 3rd in the Black Box, the theather space in the Iceland University of the Arts in Laugarnesvegur 91, entrance on middle floor.
There will be two shows, at 6pm and 7pm and tickets are available free of charge at HERE

Participating students this year showing their work are eight in total:
Andri Páll Halldórsson Dungal
Arthur Werner
Brynja Líf Haraldsdóttir
Guðrún Ísafold Hilmarsdóttir
Jóhanna María Sæberg
Leslie Adhara Curumaco Pineda
Rubina Singh
Sigurey Bára Reynisdóttir