"Mixed Emotions: A Post-Everything Happening" is benefit event for Stelpur Rokka - 1000 ISK at the door. All proceeds from this event will go directly to Stelpur Rokka (Girls Rock! Iceland)--a volunteer-run non-profit organization working to empower girls, trans boys, gender queer and intersex youth through music. The evening will feature performances and live discussions with:

bagdad brothers
SURA from Unofficial: CYBER
Dead Herring
Sara Mjöll
Finnur Sigurjón
Sacha Bernardson
Sunna Friðjóns - Sunna Fridjons
Rex Pistols
Axel Flóvent
Spaðabani (a teenage feminist punk band)

Set times will be announced shortly. The evening will close with an open YouTube Karaoke. 

This event is produced and curated by a team of music nerds fromListaháskóli Íslands led by Erik DeLuca. This event is co-supported byHúrra and Tónlistardeild Listaháskóla Íslands.