Marion Leonard heldur föstudagsfyrirlestur við tónlistardeild LHÍ föstudaginn 26. apríl kl. 12:45 - 13: 45. Fyrirlesturinn fer fram í stofu S304 (Fræðastofu 1). Fyrirlesturinn fer fram á ensku. Öll hjartanlega velkomin.


Marion Leonard gives a Friday lecture at the Music Department of IUA on Friday, April 26 from 12:45 - 1:45. Free entrance - everybody welcome. 

Marion Leonard is a Senior Lecturer in Music and member of the Institute of Popular Music at the University of Liverpool. She is author of Gender in the Music Industry (2007) and co-editor of Sites of Popular Music Heritage (2014) and The Beat Goes On: Liverpool, Popular Music and the Changing City (2010). 

She has published on a range of topics related to popular music and is currently working on a book about museum engagements with popular music.