3rd year Product Design students invite you to the opening of the exhibition Má'etta* where they share their exploration of human relation to nature. The works are a result of the course Rendezvous at Selatangar

I was wondering if I could to take this moss [nature in nature] because I'm going to take just a little, can I do that? You once said, all plastic is garbage but I don't think so, plastic appears beautiful on the shore [there are waves out there] the lava [nature altering nature] it's so rough [small part of nature deteriorating and altering] and sitting on it hurts [in a cave, on a mountain, in a cave in a mountain, a deluge in a cave on a mountain] We should have softer buttocks to sit on the lava, but perhaps it would desecrate nature [small nature in big nature] what do you think? Can you do that? Or do you think nothing is allowed anymore? [retracts and chases it's own tail] we sat and ate cinnamon buns in the rain [in the ocean, in a hole in the ocean] but they became moist and the pink glaze melted [man as animal, animal as nature] we also ate cheese and buns [in lava, lava in moss, moss in lava] and the cheese [in the storm] became wet but that's okay, there was coffee and too much information and we could't look at anything any more, maybe there will be a huge data leak [the mountains into the ocean] or will all the computers and data centres in the world crash [the lava into the snow] and then all the information [pouring down a hole] will be lost and we have to start again [nature finding it's balance in nature] and no one knows about these things that are found on the earth and in the ocean [change and damage]


*An Icelandic expression which translates directly as "is this allowed?" but it's commonly used to express the disbelieve over something being socially acceptable

Students: Agnes Freyja Björnsdóttir, Lena Rós Baldvinsdóttir, Rebekka Ashley Egilsdóttir, Silvía Sif Ólafsdóttir, Snorri Hertervig, Sylvía Lind Jóhannesdóttir, Sylvía Dröfn Jónsdóttir
Teachers: Tinna Gunnarsdóttir, Rúna Thors, Lee Lorenzo Lynch, Agnar Jón Egilsson, Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, Brynja Sveinsdóttir