Friday March 5th at 1PM
L193, Fine Arts.

Una Björg Magnúsdóttir will discuss her work and approach in fine art.
The lecture will be on live stream here.


Una Björg Magnúsdóttir (b. 1990) completed a B.A. degree in art at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2014 and later pursued an M.A. studies in art at the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland, from where she graduated in 2018. Una Björg has been active in exhibitions in Iceland since graduating, receiving grants, artists' salaries and initiating interesting group exhibitions and events in the field of art.
In her work Una incorporates different objects and compositions which are often mobile or emit sounds. The hyper familiar often appears in her installations, her sculptural stage designs or visual work, while continually being deconstructed in the process, challenging and exposing, creating a new experience that evokes a sense of wonder.