Julia Eckhardt on Éliane Radigue
Lecture in IUA Music Department
Monday October 18th, 11:00 - 12:30 PM in Fræðastofa I, Skipholti 31.

Eliane Radigue is considered one of the most innovative and influential contemporary composers, from her early electronic music through to her acoustic work of the last fifteen years. Influenced by musique concrète and shaped by regular sojourns in the United States, where she discovered analogue synthesisers, her work unfolds an intensity which is at once subtle and monumental.
This talk will give an overview of Eliane Radigue’s music, working methods, and reflections on sound and listening, alongside some events in her life, provided by Julia Eckhardt, author of the book Eliane Radigue—Intermediary Spaces/Espaces intermediares.
The event is a part of Sequences X - Time has come and is supported by the French embassy in Iceland and Iceland University of the Arts.
More information on Sequences festival website.