September 4th
12:45 PM - Fræðastofa 1
- Due to limitations the lecture will also be on live stream here -

Ingi Bjarni Skúlason is an Icelandic pianist/composer. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance at Den Haag, The Netherlands. From there, he went on to achieve a Masters degree in composition from the University of Gothenburg, with exchange semesters in Copenhagen and Oslo. As a bandleader, he has performed at jazz festivals in Bremen (jazzahead), Hamburg (Elbjazz), Lillehammer, Vilnius, Copenhagen, Reykjavík and the Faroe Islands.
Ingi Bjarni finished his master degree in Scandinavia in 2018 and for this lecture he will present his masters thesis. An essential theme of the thesis is the psychological subject of flow. Other themes include methods for strengthening confidence and expressivity in music and how this relates to becoming more connected musically. Furthermore, the importance of becoming free in music is stressed, along with how confidence and freedom go hand in hand. The conclusion of this thesis is that in the absence of judgemental thoughts, music is allowed to happen in an organic way and a stronger connection to the performer’s inner musicality is made.
The thesis as a PDF here.