A graduate concert of Inga Magnes Weishappel on Saturday, April 28th at 9pm. Inga Magnes will graduate with a BA-degree in composition from the music department of IUA (Iceland University of the Arts) this spring.

Inga Magnes began her musical experiments at an early age. In 2001 she began studying the piano at the Suzuki Music School of Reykjavik, later continuing her studies at the Music School of FÍH.  After graduating from Gymnasium she moved to Denmark where she studied electronic music. A year later she completed her preparatory studies from the Visual School of Reykjavik. After that she had to choose between studying music or visual arts at the Iceland University of the Arts as both departments (music and visual arts) offered her a place. In the end she chose composition but her passion for the visual arts can easily be detected through her music and art.  

Space and experience are vital in Inga's works. In almost all of her compositions she uses videos and visuals that she creates herself along with the music. She has composed music for different genres, i.e. films, theatre and dance. A new symphonic work by Inga will be premiered at the UNM Music Festival this fall.  

At the graduate concert on Saturday, April 28th, one long piece, consisting of different elements, will be performed. 

Vocalists: The Choir of Iceland University of the Arts 
Violin: Þórhildur Magnúsdóttir
Viola: Katrín Arndísardóttir
Cello: Sara Sólveig Kristjánsdóttir
Double Bass: Ingvi Rafn Björgvinsson
Flute: Sigríður Hjördís Indriðadóttir

Concert is at the Medical History Museum of Iceland, Seltjarnarnes. 

Free entrance / everybody welcome.