In this lecture Rena Rasouli will present Cretan Folk Music. Particular attention will be paid to the oldest type of Cretan Music, the “Rizitika” Songs, and their origin and content analyzed while listening to examples.  Furthermore Rena will refer to her B.A thesis “Music performance based in traditional dialect focuses on the healing ability of sound” in which she used “Rizitika" songs as a “loan”, creating a sound mosaic made up of field recordings, synthesizers and traditional melodies of 5 Rizitika songs.


About the lecturer:
Rena Rasouli aka Venus Volcanism is a vocalist, artist and music producer born and raised in greek island of Crete. She has studied contemporary singing and she has attended traditional singing seminars. She has a B.A degree from The Kapodistrian University of Athens in Theatrical Studies (Philosophy Department) and a Diploma in Music and Kinetic education for pre-school children.She is collaborating with various artists and bands from the Greek music scene. She is part of the Danish/ Greek electronic duo “V.V.I.A.”, member of the “Man from Managra” band and “Lepidoptera” duo.
Her music has been released on Weaponise your sound/Optimo, Women of V.V.I.A., Natty Wombat Records, Phormix, Meta Moto, Vinylograph, June Records, Echovolt.