From One Image to the Next
Matt Wolff - Designer

Matt Wolff gives an open lecture at the Design Department, on Wednesday October 26th at 4: 30 PM, lecture hall A, Þverholt 11. The lecture will be in English and all are welcome.

Matt Wolff is a designer and developer based in New York who works with artists and institutions on various publishing platforms, distribution strategies, digital applications, and physical exhibitions. In 2022 he started the imprint Current Publications with Nilas Andersen. He has collaborated with designer Ayham Ghraowi and the artist Hito Steyerl on works installed at Serpentine Galleries London and Centre Pompidou. In addition, he has designed and developed print and digital materials for the Carolee Schneemann Foundation, the Queens Museum, Byron Kim, and Every Ocean Hughes, among others. Matt holds an MFA in Graphic Design (2018) from the Yale School of Art.

"One image always exists between two others: the images which preceded it and those that follow. Design, for me, is an organizational process of getting from one to the next: the next word, the next sentence, the next image, the next page... This talk will take look at some of my recent work, the process behind it, and what may follow." - Matt Wolff