Figuration, Art and Fashion
Cédric Rivrain is a french artist, painter, illustrator and fashion designer who lives and works in Paris. He currently works as a designer and in-house illustrator for Martine Sitbon, Hermès and Christian Dior under John Galiano’s tenure. He will give a lecture at the department of design and architecture Tuesday the 4th of February at 12:15, in lecture hall A, Þverholt 11.
Cédric Rivrain first became known for his delicate and melancholic drawings published in known publications such as Dazed and Confused, Purple and Document.His drawings have become popularized by some collaborations, in particular Vogue Paris, for a special edition to color and with the Lanvin brand for a capsule collection and ad campaigns.
In 2009 Cédric had his first solo show, since then Cédric Rivrain has devoted himself more particularly to his artistic practice. Painter and portraitist, he favors figuration, of which he reflects the necessary and paradoxical actuality. His works are exhibited on a regular basis in galleriess such as Balice Hertling, Shanayna and Bonny Poon, as well as international fairs like Fiac, Art Basel, Art’O’Rama and Independant NY.
His lecture will be in English and all are welcome!