Antonía Bergþórsdóttir will lead a lecture named Leirangur, the search for clay on February 1st at 12:15 in Þverholt 11.

She talks about methodology, her career andthe process of minerals. She uses well-known methods of collecting clay, processing it as well as looking at the possibilities and uniqueness of found materials in her artistic practice. Antonía traces her roots back to the eastfjords, Berunes in Berufjörður, where she spent a lot of time alone as a child in nature. She became curious about what is hidden in the hills and uses this childlike curiosity in her creation today. She will talk about the possibilities of using materials from our local surroundings and how the environment can be rediscovered by retrieving clay and other minerals. She promotes sustainability in artistic creation and examines the interaction of materials with diverse methods. Her goal is to share interdisciplinary knowledge through her teaching and how she looks to nature for inspiration.

Antonía Bergþórsdóttir (1995) is a ceramicist, founder of Flæði art gallery, Smiðjan ceramic studio in Hafnarhúsið and creates art under the name Augnablikin with Íris María Leifsdóttir. She studied Pottery at the Visual School of Art in Reykjavík and graduated 2020. During an internship in France in 2019, she studied plaster making and design. She has held numerous solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, workshops and other happenings in Iceland and abroad.