BA Graduation exhibition of the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Design and Architecture, will open at Kjarvalsstaðir, Saturday the 4th of May at 3 PM
At the exhibition students graduating from BA Fine art, BA Product design, BA Fashion design, BA Visual communication and BA Architecture will show their works
The exhibition will be ongoing until the 12th May 2019. More information regarding opening hours and events occurring during the exhibition period can be found at

Dear people;
The United States Space Agency NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars on August 6, 2012, and has been busy sampling and researching ever since. The aim of the investigation was to determine whether life is possible on Mars. The expedition on the red planet was predicted to last two years, but Curiosity defies limits and has survived longer than anyone dared to hope. Now the research expedition has been extended to eternity. Each time a sample is taken, it also snaps a picture of itself in the local surroundings. Thus, Curiosity pursues a self-examination that not only is vital for the craft but also sheds light on its own situation and point of view.

The richness of ideas spans the infinite. Looking for new fields to plough, the unexplored, curiosity about the nooks and crannies, the lengths and breadths of the world. The search for new subjects for creative inspiration.

The subjects of LHÍ’s 2019 graduation exhibition include, amongst other things, the behaviour patterns of cats, A prime minister in Paradise, lumps of chewing gum, pickling, ocean acidification, abandoned houses, beer, talented young investors, the weather, a mad woman, Snow White in trouble, your Grandmother’s garden, maybe you’ve seen this before?
An interesting onlooker, signed speech, Lithuanian wakes, electricity, liquorice and/or electric cables, equilibrium, a ready-made spittoon, your personal glamour, post-war years in Poland, an H&M plastic bag, air conditioning systems, a soaking wet sofa, renouncing masculinity, weights and measures, earthbound clay, a shark man, en route to the watchmaker.

One can approach this exhibition in the same mode of limitless curiosity as the space probe on Mars. So many and so diverse are the subjects that they may reflect the self and eternity, rewarding us with a new perspective.

This is first time ever.
Birta Fróðadóttir og Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir (curators)