Birtan hérna inni er svo góð fyrir þær, plönturnar
Laufey Björnsdóttir

The exhibition ,,Birtan hérna inni er svo góð fyrir þær, plönturnar" opens in Hulduland, Laugarnesvegi 91- October 14th at 5-7 PM.

I enter a space, full of the inhabitants personal energy, reflected in her choises of objects, colors, materials and the visible use of space. What in there has emotinal value? What has been loaded with love and care? A person has made her mark on this room. These are all signs of her and who she is. Signs made by her that allow me to get to know her a little bit, or at least imagine her. When I look at the spaces I feel like I‘m having a little chat with it‘s inhabitants. The floor in the space is split in two. Gray tiles on one part and warm, brown wooden floor on the other. On the warm, brown wooden floor there is a black couch and a brown wooden cupboard. On top of the cupboard there is a plant. Next to it there is a brown wooden stand and on it there is another plant. Behind the couch there is a plant. In the window sill there is a plant. On the part with the tiles there are a few plants, six plants to be exact, and a table. Wooden table, brown. All the plants look healthy. The have obviously been given love and care. A light is hanging from the ceiling but it‘s hardly noticeable because the plants take most of the focus. On one of the walls there is a door and a window. The door leads to a balcony with a decent view. The sun arrives on the balcony at two o‘clock and stays there until she decends behind the aparment building across from it. I‘m going to miss the light in here, she says. The light is good for my plants.

Solo exhibition - BA students in Fine Art

From September 30th to December 2nd a series of 24 solo shows by 3rd year students in Fine Art will be taking place in Laugarnes.
Each thursday a solo exhibition will be opened at three different locations in Laugarnes: The Cube on 2nd floor, Navel in the middle of the building on first floor and Hulduland on the north side of the building on first floor.
Openings are from 17:00 - 18:00 on Thursdays.

Facebook Schedule of all solo shows