Spark Plugs
Everyone has to be slightly unhappy
Opening December 2nd at 5 pm
Myndlistardeild LHÍ, Laugarnesvegur 91



“Everyone has to be slightly unhappy” is the 10th edition of the group exhibition Spark Plugs, where first-year students in the MA Fine Art Program present work they have produced during the fall semester of 2022.
The exhibition takes place in the Fine Art Department on the 1st & 2nd floor of the Iceland University of the Arts in Laugarnes 91: Kubburinn, Gangurinn, L292, Hulduland, and one MFA studio space. The exhibition will open on Friday, December 2nd at 17:00, and close on Friday, December 9th.
More information about the programme will follow soon!

Participating artists

Camilla Cerioni
Camilla Patricia Reuter
Corinna Jannette Duschl
Galadriel Gonzalez Romero
Jette Dalsgaard Jensen
Jiayan Chen
Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia
Málna Mozsolits
Martina Priehodová
Nele Karlotta Berger
Sumu Laakso
Tom Brabant