A solo show by Brian Wyse will open on Friday February 26th at 5pm - 7pm in Kubburinn, Laugarnesvegur 91. The exhibition is a part of solo exhibitions by graduating students in MA Fine Art Programme at the Iceland University of the Arts in the spring of 2021.

Burn the Archive

This exhibition is both a closing and opening statement 
for Brian's completion of the MA in fine at the school, 
and re-entry into a new world post-covid. 
It is a presentation of various pieces as 'shrines', 
ranging in themes from 'the fall of democracy in Hong Kong', 
'the natural majesty of Esja', 'NGO Techno booking agency', 
and calling on the audience to both participate
at the 'dj booth', and to dialogue under the gaze of the 'Dieter Roth table.'
Our responsibility is to re-image the 'artist's life' in the years ahead, 
so, feel free to make an appointment to visit the exhibition space in the opening week. Topics in parallel trading/NFTS Art/DIY cassette music and film 
are highlighted. 
Great efforts have been made to present this works in analogue mediums: 
crayon, 8mm film, cassette tape, 35mm film, sculpture, and installation, 
making as much 'headroom' from the digital world as possible. 
 Undoubtedly the show will produce a kaleidoscope of interpretations - 
So, it's advisable to hold on to your floor plans at all times... 

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