Psychometric Instruments & Site Specific Composition
Composition Seminar
7.10.22 - 12:45 pm in Dynjandi
Guest speaker // Maria W. Horn

Our first guest in our seminar series is composer and musician Maria W. Horn.
In the seminar ,,Psychometric Instruments & Site Specific Composition" Maria will use examples from her own artistic practice, and aim to connect the dots between site specific composition and the psychometric idea that if you just listen carefully to a space you will sense an imprint of its history.


Maria W. Horn

Psychometry is the 19th century idea that events and emotions can create an inherent memory in a building, object or instrument. For over a decade, Maria W Horn has explored inherent memories and mythologies of rooms, objects and instruments, as well as geographic areas and the people that have inhabited them, through her music.
Her debut album Kontrapoetik came into being after finding a Super-8 film depicting the early industrial history of her home region Västernorrland, located in the north of Sweden, in the archive of a local museum.

Maria has used the sonic characteristics of specific rooms as a starting point for writing several compositions. Dies Irae (2021) derives from the resonant frequencies of an empty machine hall and Vita Duvans Lament (2020) is a sonic excavation of what used to be Sweden's only panoptic cell prison.