Composition Seminar 
Luca Macchi // Composition as a challenge
September 5th at 3 pm in Dynjandi

Our first guest this semester is Luca Macchi, composer and professor at Montiverdi Conservatory in Bolzano, Italy. Luca will discuss his compositions and methods.
"Composition has always been seen by me as a continuous research and challenge in trying in archieve something that I have never done or that I am not yet able to do. I belong to those who are convinced of writing a single piece in their life. The piece I'm writing now addresses what still didn't satisfy me in the previous ones with the hope of being able to reach the level I set for myself. My compositional production represents this continuous challenge. Hope and research drive me to make what is a flaw or a compositional problem one day become a positive factor in my music". 
Free entry and all welcome.